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March 23, 2018




I am currently serving as an independent missionary in Costa Rica and Central America.


For the past six years I have been living here in Costa Rica and traveling as led by Holy Spirit to locations here in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, proclaiming-teaching the message Jesus sent out His first disciples-apostles to preach which was/is the Good News of the Presence, Power and Purposes of the King and His Kingdom, as He is in the process of calling unto Himself a People in our generation, to whom and through whom He can reveal Himself in every corner of the world.


My stateside home location is in Yulee, Florida, where my wife Naomi is living. I have traveled back and forth between CR and USA as time has permitted and as needs arose.


I am currently in the process of ‘transitioning’ my primary living location from Costa Rica to Yulee, Florida, where I will be living most of the time, and where I am seeking ministry opportunities as our Lord leads. This ‘transition’ should be completed in May of 2018.


I will continue to minister here in CR and other Central America countries as opportunities and needs arise and as Holy Spirit leads.


(More information and details of this ministry are available to those who may be interested).




DMin Studies – Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. (1984)

MDiv Degree – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky (1979)

BA Degree in Religion – Mobile College, Mobile, Alabama (1976) (Now the University of Mobile)




28 years of pastoral experience in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida.

6 years as missionary in Costa Rica-Central America




My wife, Naomi, and I have three children, five grand children and eight great grand children.




Conferences/Seminars – Small or large groups teaching on things concerning the Kingdom of God and His Christ.


Interim pastor; Pulpit supply; Missions Trip Planning and coordinating; Associate Pastor; Teaching Pastor; Missions Pastor; Combination Pastor.


(This is a limited ‘overview’ of my current situation with further details available when needed or requested).




My current phone availability is a ‘toll free’ number on Skype from anywhere in the USA: 239-234-1540.

My cell phone here in CR is: 506-8-336-8891

My home number in Yulee, Florida is: 904-468-5155

My email address is:

Web page:



I am sharing this information for your prayer support only. Please know and understand that this is IN NO WAY intended as a solicitation for funds or financial support and only for prayer support by those who will pray with Naomi and I during this time of TRANSITION as we continue to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit on our JOURNEY of following Jesus Christ our Lord into the next part of our journey.


Gene Force

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We are currently ministering in Costa Rica.  We have established relationships with churches in 6 of the 7 Provinces in Costa Rica; Heredia (Heredia),  Limon (Ticaban; Iriquois),  Alajuela (Palmares; San Ramon), Guanacaste (Moravia; San Blas), and Puntarenas (Golfito; Lamona); San Jose.


 Our ministry is to provide Biblical Teaching, Leadership Training and Equipping of believers for 'their work of ministry'!

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