The above video was made the first Sunday in 2015 in a house church in Golfito where our very good friend and brother Dagoberto Leiton is the Pastor. In addition to being an excellent teacher of the Word of God Dago is also a very accomplished musician and worship leader. Holy Spirit is working through him and this precious group of believers and we know 2015 is going to be a year of great harvest through them. Jesus is Lord.

This video was also made of a teaching session in another house church which is located in Lamona near our mission house.  The pastor is Pastora Damiana who is a very loving and capable leader of several churches here in our area. We look forward to a continued ministry with her in the years to come.  Jesus is Lord.

This video was made recently as we ministered with a local pastor (Jose) here in Lamona as he weekly goes about conducting services outside in all the different parts of the area where we live.  The people come out to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the King Jesus Christ.  Also, I am so thankful for Nikki who is so faithful to translate for me and the great job she does as a very vital member of our ministry team.


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