Our ministry is Bible Based, Christ Centered, Spirit Led, Non-Denominational, International, Multi-Cultural and Kingdom of God focused with the primary purpose of establishing Christian Ministries Centers beginning in Costa Rica and then into all of Central America as the Holy Spirit leads as well as other countries in His World.


We will pray and seek to establish ‘affiliate’ relationships with churches and other ministries and to connect and work with them and together seek to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission to go into all the World and make disciples in every nation.


What is the meaning of 'affiliation'?


‘To Affiliate' - To bring into close association or connection; to be closely connected or associated with; to attach or unite on terms of fellowship; to associate oneself; be intimately united in action or interest; a person or organization that is affiliated with another.


Our purpose is not to control anyone or any other ministry but to ‘come alongside’ of and provide biblical teaching, leadership training and furtherance of the proclamation of the message and principles of the Kingdom of God.





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